Volunteering at NYRR France Run, and a casual 12 miles

Yesterday I ran the reservoir in Central Park for the first time. How is that possible? I’ve done a million races in the park. I’ve lived here my entire life. Though, in fairness, it’s above 14th street, and I generally feel like there’s not reason to go that far uptown.

It was pretty great!

I’m in a long run location rut. On Sundays I do my training long runs, which will peak at 20 miles, but are currently at 16. Yesterday I was signed up to volunteer at the France Run in Central Park, so finally I had no choice but to find a new route.

I’ve also begun to worry about running exclusively on concrete- which apparently causes injury. I live in Williamsburg, and I am not running 16+ miles on a track…

The run went well, though my feet had been soaked earlier in the day during an unneeded downpour during the France Run. Damp socks, heat and sweat mean blisters. Lovely.

Sometimes I don’t know what I look like. I really don’t. And it frustrates me more than it probably should. When I weighed more last year, I remember begging my mom to just tell me if I looked heavier. I couldn’t tell. I delete unflattering photos of myself so fast, there’s zero evidence. That time did not exist. What do I have to go on? The number on a scale, how clothes hang, what people say. This isn’t enough. I have no clue what everyone sees. (Someone shut me up, I just almost said “visual footprint”).

This was in my head during the 12 miles. When will I look like a runner? When will I feel like a runner? When will I stop worrying about this bs? I’m around the running community often enough to know that literally people of every body type can run. I know that there are tri-althetes twice my size. I know that this is superficial. I worry sometimes that what’s important to me is so meaningless and I don’t know how to change that.

My day started at 5am- I hustled out of Brooklyn passing people on their way home, and made it to Central Park for my volunteer commitment. Post race amenities. This was my third time volunteering at a race, and by far my favorite. It really does not suck to be surrounded by people obsessed with the same thing as you. I am also endlessly amazed by the organization and efficiency of NYRR- it’s a pretty great thing to be part of. So that’s my pitch, anyone having a bad day should volunteer at a race.

It was downpour with rain at the race start.Three of us were holding trash bags over our heads and I was cracking up imagining NYRR posting photos of this instead of the usual smiling volunteers. (Spoiler alert, they went with smiling volunteers).

There are few things that I look worse in than a cap. They were mandatory. 14111869_10210042714570263_557087215_n.jpg

Central Park is tops.

Today is the day after the long run, which in training is always tough for me. The schedule calls for a rest day, I hate rest days.


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