nice juice cleanse fatso

today is day two of a three day juice cleanse. my desk filled with 25 half started projects is a pretty clear indication of how i’m doing.

i typically do a three day cleanse every few months. clearly i enjoy things in extremes, especially agony.

however, this round is feeling a bit like a mistake. with training, i am well aware that this isn’t proper nutrition. i have a 7 mile run to do after work, considering its noon and I already have the wobbles…should be interesting.

i felt thinner last week when i ate a big 16 handles for dinner

how do i possibly feel bloated?

how did i take all those blueberries for granted last week?



did i mention i’m freezing?

my sister introduced me to juice cleanses about five years ago- it was great. we spent the week complaining and then re-emerged thinner, with spray tans, and freshly colonic-ed. now she lives on the west coast and i realized that spray tans make you orange.




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