a juice high, and running for time vs. mileage

it’s day three of my three day juice cleanse. i feel great- though, i’m trying not too be overly optimistic, it’s not even 10am. but i feel great! very clear headed, and not at all spacey. doing a cleanse is much, much different as a non smoker/drinker. it’s largely my same diet but without 16 handles. full disclosure, my diet is primarily 16 handles. i wonder if i can stick to a life without coffee? if nothing else, i’d save a billion dollars.

i met with a running coach a few weeks ago who revised my training schedule for Chicago. i had been working with Runner’s World’s beginners plan with Nike’s hill and speed work sprinkled in. my coach was basically like ‘you can and should be running more miles’. she also said not to run both Chicago and NY Marathons back to back, but i decided to not hear that.

one interesting change she made to my training plan was to add one run per week that is purely based on time, not speed or mileage. so last night was a 60 minute run. it was dramatically different running without needing to hit a certain mileage, and without clocking my speed every few minutes. it was actually really enjoyable, and reminded me of why i started running. little adventures, without my phone, without worrying about a pace, without checking my watch, without worrying about a hundred marathon things. it helped that it was perfect weather.

so i got nearly seven miles in, and burned twice the calories i had taken in for the day. and rather than crashing and burning i had an absurd amount of energy which led me to finally clean my tub, and fold the 12,000 article of clothing on the couch. the night was great- and i think it was the run. i think i need a few runs here and there to remind me that i have no clue where i’m running but that it’s still my sport and every mile is mine, not a checkbox on a training plan.


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