i’m cleansed? also, massages may not be for me, and finally, a stupid text.

my cleanse is technically over- it was not too bad! I still haven’t had food or coffee. I did have a green juice this morning that I managed to spill all over myself, so that was stellar.

I lost three pounds (water weight i’m sure), and may have kicked a 12 year coffee habit? oh, and strike what i said about saving money if i quit drinking coffee- the coffee shop charges as much as possible for tea. because hot water is super rare and expensive.

last night i hit the gym. upper body and some speed work on the treadmill. there’s a speed workout that i really enjoy, the time flies by and i really think it has contributed to my tempo runs getting effortlessly faster. here it is, i believe from Runner’s World? or a blog?

The bold are the paces I was working with last night

Slow 8 minutes (10 mm)

Fast (5k pace) 4 minutes (8:10mm)

Sprint 30 seconds (6:55 mm)

Walk 1 minute

Sprint 1 minute (6:55 mm)

Walk 1 minute

Sprint 2 minutes (7:05 mm)

Walk 1 minute

Sprint 30 seconds (6:45mm)

Walk 1 minute

Slow 5 minutes (10 mm)

Fast 1 minute (8:20)


This sequence I sometimes do twice, and it’s a really great fast workout. Even for a treadmill workout.


After the gym, i went and got my first ever massage. groupon in hand (in phone rather), i was confident, who doesn’t want to get undressed with a stranger for an hour? or at the very least, who on week 13 of marathon training doesn’t desperately need their muscles rolled out???

as it turns out, an hour is a long time to sit (lay) with your thoughts. my thoughts went almost instantly to a pretty dark place. and while the physical massage itself was excellent, an hour of stillness did a number on my mind. the rest of my night was a wreck of nightmares and jolting awake wishing it were the morning.

so…no more massages?


the cleanse is over, i need to re-introduce food into my system. i’m going to try an keep it clean. it’s hard finding quick fuel that isn’t packed with weird ingredients. i can sometimes live on Quest bars and 16 handles. Gwenyth wouldn’t approve.

speaking of approval, one final thought- this guy i’m meant to go on a date with tomorrow made a remark (via text) that annoyed me.

“I find it hard to balance the job and band and startup thing with things like working out and getting massages”

right dude. we all have jobs, and interests. yours in making excuses for not working out, and mine is working out, after work.




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