sunrise run

i don’t sleep particularly well, waking up at least three times a night. the nights have felt very long this week, and i usually can’t wait til it’s morning.

this morning my alarm went at 5:40 and i lay there debating…run now? run after work? will i run stronger in the evening after more calories in me? will i be tired? what route should i do? is it too dark out now? how much do i weigh? should i give my new Brooks another shot?

today is technically a rest day, but i thought a shakeout run before tomorrow’s long run (16 miles) would be a good idea. i’m a bit sore from speed work.

opting for the Brooks over the Adidas i set out on the most perfect sunrise run over the williamsburg bridge and a few miles up north williamsburg. only runners were out, so many neons, so many ways of holding phones, compression sleeves and socks, so many goals out there.

i thought about chicago and whether or not my training plan was smart enough. i thought about my sisters wedding (in two weeks), and the one time we ran the bridge together, years ago, i think we drank a gallon of sake afterwords. i thought about the summer i ran the bridge daily with crushes on a hundred guys and the mild headache i always got mid run, likely due to a late night out. i thought about my legs and wondered if they would be ready for two marathons. am i ready for two marathons? will i be? what should i have for breakfast? how’s my form? am i swinging my arms too much? that guy doesn’t move his arms. that guys arms are like a t-rex. i should re-watch jurassic park.

it was a nice morning. i feel good- and still haven’t had coffee! (day five)

i forgot to take a photo of the amazing bridge run- so above is an old shot


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