tough long run and a happy recovery

this weekend was absolute tops. i had been worried that i had perhaps crammed too much into two days- but it turned out to be perfect.

saturday. long run. i typically do my long runs on sunday’s but i wanted to get it out of the way. i was slated for 16 miles. having dedicated a nice portion of friday afternoon working on a new playlist, pretty pumped to get going.

i left around 8am to avoid too much intense sun (spoiler alert, I got a lot of sun).

pacing has been a real issue for me. in particular with long runs. i know they are meant to be run a full minute or so faster than marathon pace, but running that slowly really kills me and actually feels harder on my body. but you know, i don’t even know what my marathon pace is! anyway, i try to keep the long runs at about a 10mm, and i did a decent job of that (total average speed 9:55). i’d also made the mistake of making plans that cut pretty close to the time i would be finishing my long run. not just plans, but like, a train i had to catch to meet a friend at the beach. this made me way hyper focused on my pace which is not where i like my head on a long slow adventure.

i headed north with no real plan in mind apart from killing some miles by the waterfront. i wound up running a course that echoes miles 12-18 of the New York Marathon. Which may not have been to wise as I got in my head about how challenging that course is going to be. I felt really strong until about mile 10, while running up first avenue i was suddenly pretty dizzy (hi sun! hi no water!). stopping at a bodega to dump some water on my head, i carried on feeling decent but not 100%. the last 10k was difficult. i was having negative thoughts. i started thinking it was crazy that i keep signing up for races. let alone two marathons a month apart. who am i kidding? I’m not a runner. I’m someone who runs. my legs are heavy. i didn’t fuel properly. i shouldn’t have quit drinking coffee. you can’t marathon train while losing weight. and so on…my head was in a dark place. i tried to stay positive, but i was feeling really nauseous and ready to cancel the day. but i finished. and then i dry heaved for a few blocks. and then it was over, and i was done! and i sometimes have to remind myself of that during races, it can hurt so much to push yourself, but it is absolutely nothing compared to finishing. even getting a stupid finisher shirt. and a medal that will live in a drawer. marathon training has been so much about showing up for myself. i have always been someone who will go above and beyond and way beyond for boyfriends and never for myself. so apart from scary quads, training has done that for me.

also- i made the train. and the beach. and that was perfect.

Sunday morning i slept in, til 9, and met a friend at Equinox for 30/60/90. if you haven’t tried this class, then your thighs probably aren’t as sore as mine. it was great. Very fast paced 60 minute HIIT workout, part of which i may have spent cracking up at my complete lack of coordination.

The rest of the day was spent running around with friends and trying to get my 1 year old nephew to say my name. i was in a photoshoot in the evening with an artist friend. its nice to have film images taken of you because you can’t scrutinize them the moment they’re captured.

I ended my day with a five mile tempo run. My legs felt so strong. Sore, but strong. i was wearing my Brooks, maybe i need to get some more miles in them and give them a fair chance. i felt like i was flying. I sat at a comfortable 8:20 pace and tried to ignore what an idiot i look like in compression socks.

all in all, 21 mile weekend, and i still love running.


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