six miles this morning. i overslept and was out the door before i had time to think. i don’t particularly like short runs. it takes me about four miles to settle in. i’m really sore, and need a rest day (tomorrow). my legs felt like lead and the doubt record was spinning hard


you’re a terrible runner

how are you going to run another marathon

you’re going to embarrass yourself

it’s like week a billion of training this shouldn’t feel hard


i wasn’t paying attention to pace, just trying to knock back the miles. endure. i am really good at sitting with discomfort, likely why i can run long distance.

where is my energy!?

i ate less than a thousand calories yesterday, that probably wasn’t wise. WHY CAN’T YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF? i have friends that eat less than me that run ten miles a day. YOU’RE JUST AN AFWUL RUNNER.

so yeah. wasn’t my finest morning.

i was up later than usual, and had an unpleasant sleep filled with nightmares and false starts to the morning. i probably just need a rest day. i really know how to make myself insane. i should have taken yesterday off but i have a hard time not working out.

wednesday- rest day. and i’ve decided to make a real effort to eat a proper dinner friday night before my long run, and start to take training nutrition more seriously. i feel depleted.

enough of the pity party.


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