rest days are for…people that follow their training plans

i HATE rest days. today is a rest day. i was knocked out exhausted yesterday while running. i know i should just take it easy after work. read. see friends. chill. but i keep checking the soul cycle schedule and debating a quick run.

why is it so hard to take a rest day?

i’m afraid i’ll balloon up

i’m afraid i’m losing training time

i’m afraid i’m not running enough

i follow a lot of training blogs, and it always seems like people have better training plans than i do. ultimately. they’re all the same. a long run, a bunch of midweek runs, some that have speed work, and some easy runs for good measure. i think my lousy long run this past week is haunting me.

i don’t want to ‘just complete’ Chicago- I want to run it well. i didn’t run paris well. i don’t feel proud of that. i completed it, but it was not the best that i can do.

i want to be fit enough to enjoy this race.

i want to finish strong.

i don’t want to take a rest day, but i will. i think.


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