let me get this straight- i’m paying to run on a treadmill? the joy of mile high run club

tonight i’ve got 4 miles and some speed work, so i’m taking my thighs to Mile High Run Club. (http://www.milehighrunclub.com). it’s pretty much soul cycle, but for running. think good music, and weird lighting. as an avid treadmill hater, i was surprised by how much i enjoy these classes.

tonight i’ll be taking ‘the distance’ which is my favorite of the three classes they offer:

Our advanced performance improving class incorporates 60 minutes of continuous intervals, tempo, and hills on the treadmill and is coached by elite runners.

basically it’s an ass kicking hour that has pushed me to run speeds i don’t test out on my own, and maintaining speeds on hills that i didn’t think i had in me.

it’s also a fun way to knock out 5 miles, or just to see exactly how your legs look in new running shorts (mirrors everywhere).

i rest day’d the hell out of yesterday! i did nothing last night. and was asleep by 9…i guess i was tired…

i’m gearing up for the 18 mile long run on Saturday. it will be my longest distance since the Paris marathon in April, and for some reason i’m finding it daunting. i’ve done this mileage a handful of times. i don’t know where this doubt is coming from but it needs to go away.


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