3 runs by the Bay, a wedding and a hip injury

hi, i’m home.

i was away in San Francisco for my sister’s wedding. it was the best trip i have had in so long. a full week away. so much time with my sister. so much happiness my heart is still exploding a little.

i had looked at my training schedule before departing, and knew that with the VERY detailed itinerary my sister had sent me- that I would have time to get in three runs. and i’m happy to say i got them in. while in SF, i also went to soul cycle and weight lifting/meditation classes, so i feel like i haven’t lost too much fitness even though i am not clocking the miles i need to be.

it’s hard being out of control of my routine.

and being around people that ask ‘how many miles is the chicago marathon?’

it’s hard trying not to talk about running, or weight, or the fact that i don’t want a meal, i want almonds and mints throughout the day. that i hate eating at restaurants because i can’t have 9 glasses of wine and i sit there squirming til the check arrives. it’s hard not to want to go for a run at night to help me sleep. it’s hard to not talk about the marathon every minute.

running in san francisco was great. i had reached out to a running group there to get some ideas for routes, and wound up doing a ten mile loop around the embarcadero. apart from the three miles along market which were crazy person infested, it’s a beautiful course, running under the Bay bridge and past Giants stadium…


Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 1.10.31 PM.png

the weather is absolutely perfect long run weather. a little breezy, not hot, and definitely not sunny.

on sunday, the day i was leaving, i went for a 7 mile variation of this run and managed to mess my hip up. i have no clue what i’ve done, but i was limping yesterday, and spent three hours last night under ice. its a bit better tonight, but i’m wondering if i should cross train tonight instead of the 80 minute run i’m slated for.

this weekend i have my 20 mile run, the longest for this training cycle. if it goes anything like the 18 i and last week, which was absolutely perfect, i’ll be thrilled.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 1.09.10 PM.png

back to reality. back to training focus. 26 days til chicago.


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