are we there yet?

woof, that’s blood on my sneakers.

25 days til the chicago marathon, 53 days til the New York Marathon.

but hey, whose counting.

i have a slight, i don’t wanna call injury, but yeah, a slight injury to my right hip. or a strain! a strain to my right hip! an irregularity.  my original plan last night was to work out and avoid running. obviously i wound up running because i’m an idiot. i kept it slow, which bothered me because it wasn’t even a particularly long run. i was slated for an 80 minute run, and wound up running 60 before my hip was worrying me too much.

it’s funny the things you start to notice once you become obsessed with running. the guy to my right, speed intervals. heart rate monitor. the girl to my left, three minutes on, one minute off. the girl in front of me, hand held water bottle, man that’s got to get annoying after an hour.

depending on the moment, i feel completely ready, and completely overwhelmed and stupefied about running these upcoming races. i know my fitness is at its peak. i know i’ve done 26.2 (poorly), i know i am putting a lot into training. but is it enough? should i be taking on more miles? pushing my speed? slowing down my long runs? eating more? more core work? more cross training?

i guess that’s part of what i love about training, is there’s always room for improvement.

tonight is a spin class and core work. this weekend is 20 miles, the longest long run before Chicago.

i am not there yet.


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