nice calendar fatso

um i just looked at the calendar and Chicago marathon is only three weeks from now. and I’m going away, for the second time this week. it hasn’t derailed training, but i feel out of sorts, and out of control of my time, which is a feeling i hate.

my hip is still a bit off, and i am not getting the miles in that i would like. i won’t be able to run today or friday (friend’s wedding), but saturday is 8 miles, and sunday is 20. i think i’ll be relieved when this long run is in the books and out of my mind.

during my training for Paris this past spring, it was at about this time that i screwed up my flow. i was skipping mid week runs, and shaving miles off my long runs. drinking more. i don’t know why. i was obsessed with the race. it was what i thought about every night when i was trying to fall asleep.

i can’t let my focus slip even though my schedule is throwing me around a bit.

if i can get through this weekend i’ll be in good shape. i guess there is no perfect time to train for a marathon.



  1. I hate it when I’m out of control of my time because like you, I get thrown off and nothing frustrates me more than losing my mojo. I hope your long run goes well this weekend and you get right back on track!! You’re so close to taper time!! 🙂


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