pace groups?

this sunday i’m running NYRR Bronx 10 Miler. i had initially signed up for this race because it’s part of their ‘5 borough series’ which allows participants guaranteed entry into the NY Half Marathon. Unfortunately, i’ll no longer qualify for entry because i’m missing the Staten Island Half to run a little race called the Chicago Marathon- a trade I am a billion times okay with. i had run the NY half is 2015 and loved it. the course is incredible, taking you through a shut down times square, and crowd support largely reserved for full marathons.


i’m still running the Bronx on Sunday, and using it as a) a training run for chicago, and b) an opportunity to try out running with a pace group. and i guess c) i’m also quietly doing the 9+1 for 2017…

i’ve never run with a pace group. i have no idea what to expect. i’m thinking i’ll try and stick with the 1:30 group (9 mm) and see how i’m feeling. i don’t imagine i’ll particularly love it- seems like a recipe for me to be in my head for an entire race. i’m also awkward and never feel like a runner so if it’s a chatty pace group…i’m likely to fade to the background.

my hip continues to hurt, and i’m seeing an orthopedic dr tmrw. i’m sort of not thinking about that.

i’m slated for 80 minutes of running tonight. lets see what the hip has to say about that.

last night was supposed to be a rest day. i wound up doing 20 minutes of speed work because i’m an idiot and suck at rest days.







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  1. I do not say a word when I run and when I run with friends, everyone knows that I hardly talk. I can barely breathe when I run, lol, no matter fast or slow! LOL!

    Anyway, I ran with a pace group for my last half marathon and it was pretty great. It kept me at bay from going out too fast and when I got to mile 10 feeling good, I peaced out and finished strong on my own. This is seems like a good race to practice! Have fun!

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