an aching hip, an MRI and a fitness evaluation

For roughly two weeks i’ve been trying to ignore the pain in my right hip. Surely i wouldn’t be able to run 20 miles if it were serious right? But it finally worried me (and my parents) enough for me to find an orthopedic dr to go see. The dr’s office was great- they all were marathon runners and understood how urgently i wanted to know what’s up so i can continue training. so after a bit of rushing around and trying not to flip out at anyone on the Upper East side for walking slowly…i had my first (and hopefully only) MRI.

i guess i have an overactive imagination, and i’ve never particularly been a fan of feeling out of control…but here are a list of things that went through my mind while i was trapped in a coffin with loud beeping machinery and my feet bound together (in other words, during my MRI)

  • what if there’s a terrorist attack and everyone is killed and i’m stuck in this machine
  • i forgot to take my ring off! what if the metal does something to my brain!
  • am i supposed to be in this far? i thought she said my head would stick out? what if I’m not supposed to breathe this in? am i breathing?
  • is this just some plan to make me insane?
  • what if they tell me i can’t run any more? what will i do?
  • how many minutes have gone by? do really rich people get to watch tv during an MRI?

and so on.

i am THRILLED to say that i just got back from today’s appointment and I do not have a tear in my muscle, or a fracture. I have something that i can’t pronounce but sort of sounds like fish-eye-mis-tis which basically means i have fluid built up in my hip and my IT band is miserable, and I needed a steroid shot (painful) and need to start stretching more.



and because i am impossible, and spent the night waiting for test results and impending doom and phone calls telling me i could never run again…i did what any maniac does with instruction not to run, and, i ran, not just a run, but speed work. because i figured, if bad news were coming my way, i may as well get one more run in. again, I’m an idiot. 

i was also scheduled for a fitness evaluation which was such an awesome experience! they basically measured my BMI, my body mass in muscle, and in fat, and all these other amazing fun facts about my overall interior construct. and i was thrilled with the results. I am right where I should be, and the trainer gave me some helpful advice on new weight training i should do to improve my overall strength and core. she also said i should eat more calories and that i’ll feel much more energized if i eat carbs.

so i’m super excited to take my fitness to a new place with more strength training and change up my routine. I’m so happy that in less than half a year i have brought my BMI down so much.

more work to do.



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