racing high

yesterday i ran the NYRR Bronx 10 miler. it was a great race for me. i am pretty ecstatic. EXCEPT NYRR has recorded an inaccurate race start time for me, so the results online are ten minutes longer than my actual race time. I’ve connected with them and sent them my Garmin stats. According to my last email with NYRR, they never clocked me crossing the start mat, so my results are based on the gun time, not my actual start. My ego is shattered. I’m trying not to let this ruin my good feelings about the race. but it’s really upsetting.***

***so happy to say NYRR fixed the problem right away

this race was really a lesson in rolling with the day as it played out

1- my hip has been hurting

2- I was planning to test out running with a pace group, thinking i would run with the 9mm group, and finish at a 1:30…I wound up getting to the start so late, and was so frantic (more on that in a bit) that I just ran. i wound up with an 8:35mm pace, and a finish of 1:26.

3- I cannot control anything other than being present during the race. the subways are unreliable. other people are (at times) unbelievably annoying. porta toilet lines are endless, and NYRR is an imperfect organization. but i can still run a great race.

my race strategy since Paris has largely been to train hard and not overthink my races. As i’ve mentioned in earlier posts, while preparing for the Paris Marathon this past spring i was SO obsessed with the marathon that i read every race recap i could, studied and analyzed the course map, memorized every turn, and google street viewed my walk from my air bnb to the race start. there were a lot of things that made Paris a hard race for me (umm, maybe because it was my first ever marathon???) but i felt frustrated that i was stuck in my head for so much of the race. at no point was i ‘just running’ i was re-living every blog i’d read, and every race plan i’d outlined for myself.


me- very disappointed the day after the marathon- not a bad a view though.


so since then- i’ve had a pretty unbelievable racing season of PR’s. sure, a lot has contributed to this

  • i’ve lost a lot of pounds
  • i quit drinking
  • i am doing speed and hill work
  • i am strength training
  • i am no longer being harassed by a miserable ex boyfriend and living in a web of anxiety

so yeah- my general ability to run and be in the right head space for a race has improved tremendously. but so has my mindset about each race. i often will look at the course map, and get a general idea of hills, but that’s about it. i don’t read re-caps. i don’t make a tight race plan.

so yesterday i woke up at 5:30am, ate my pre-race meal, beet juice, oatmeal with protein powder and chia seeds, coffee…and changed my shirt 600 times and was out the door just after 6am. the subway was taking a thousand minutes to arrive, so i was chatting with some people in race gear. my neighborhood in Brooklyn has a really established and well represented running group (NBR- North Brooklyn Runners). They have runs all over my area weekly, ranging from beginners to crazy speed work. I have told myself a million times that I would start running with NBR, but i always have a reason to back out. mostly i’m afraid i won’t fit it. Anyway, a bunch of people waiting for the subway were from NBR, and they were all really nice to me- I ran into one of them after the race, and he mentioned a wednesday night run- i am DETERMINED to not back out this week.

the subway was packed, and i accidentally locked eyes with a girl also in the race shirt. she was a chatter. not just a chatter, a chatter without any awareness. she launched into a monologue about training for the NY marathon and then listed off every piece of advice she’s ever read about the race. I actually closed my eyes at one point in the hopes she would think i was meditating before the run. i know some people talk when they’re nervous, but i really really didn’t want to hear about how i might get hungry when i run 26.2 miles.

we finally made it to the Bronx and I broke free to the chatter and ran about half a mile to where the bag drop was. I typically am amazed by NYRR and how well organized their events are. and yes, this was organized, but, chaotic. the race start was super far from ‘race day central’ where bag drops and toilets were located. long story short, the race started at 8am, and i finally made it to a corral by 8:17, and pre-race stretching? nope. pre-race panic? yes.

i loved this race. i felt completely comfortable between an 8:20-8:45 pace, and my hip was surviving. I sprinted to the finish and felt so strong and happy. i was present for every mile. and while feeling proud of myself is infrequent, i was, dare i say, proud.


Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.37.30 AM.png

two weeks til chicago



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