nice taper fatso

it’s race week. i am so nervous and trying, unsuccessfully, to remain calm.

this week, i will rest.

this week, i will only run two easy runs, and a shakeout the day before the race.

this week i will eat a normal meal for dinner

this week i will drink a gallon of water a day

this week i will sleep

i am bad at all of the above.


this weekend i had my last longish run (10 mi) which i ran with my friend Jen. It flew by like nothing; i remember before the Paris marathon being worried that any double digit run still felt ominous. i know i’ve come a long way. my nerves are here, but i have put in a really great training effort and i’m trying very hard to remind myself of that.

everything’s ready to go

compression socks

oatmeal/chia seeds/protein powder



new shirt with a pocket just big enough for my gels***

info for bib pickup




***i have been on the hunt for this perfect race shirt for nearly a year


i can’t believe this week is here



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