its race week

race week sort of feels like this…


does my foot hurt?

i never feel this thirsty, why am i so thirsty? too much salt? maybe i need salt. maybe i’m not even thirsty. i’ll drink a gallon of water a day, just to be sure.

do i need new sneakers? no. that means blisters. i wish i’d gotten new sneakers last month.

i’m not sore. it’s like i haven’t been running at all. i should have picked a different training plan. i’ve barely done any speed work this month.

seriously though, is that a pain in my foot?

i’d rather run hungry than full.

i had that really great long run when i was full last sunday.

man i miss marathon training already

i should think about something other than the marathon



and so on. i am a wreck. i don’t want to pay attention to anything that anyone is saying if it’s not about a marathon, and specifically, the one that i’m running, and even more specifically, me, running it.

it’s hard to not have anything specific i can do to make Sunday go well, apart from not getting hurt, and resting. protein shakes and foam rolls can only do so much…

i am worthlessly boring, and will continue to be so until this race in the books.

in other news, this morning i signed up for a half marathon in January, just to keep things interesting.


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