training for back to back marathons means there’s no time for sad

my high from the chicago marathon lasted exactly 6 days. 6 days of total elation, swelling moments where i would tear up remembering certain moments on the course, and a sense of confidence i think i have felt never. and now. now i’m back in the swing of ups and downs of marathon training and in full terror of the NY marathon…a mere 20 days from now.

people close to me say i keep myself busy to keep myself from dealing with myself, that may be true.

the ads are up all of the city.

the new york marathon will be my third marathon, and somehow the distance seems longer. the day feel bigger and the goal is humungous. i just have it on such a pedestal, which is dangerous.

i am trying to keep the same approach that i went into chicago with, confidence in my training, no expectations. but. easier said than done. this is my home town!

a real chicago race recap will be coming soon, but i wanted to get something down.

my body is still sore. I got 6.5 miles in this morning, a tempo on saturday, and some shakeouts last week. i’m debating how long my ‘long run’ should be before i begin a taper. these 20 days are really more about maintaining than anything else for me.

what am i possibly going to talk think breathe eat and sleep about after NYM????



  1. Girl, you crazy for trying to have back-to-back PR marathons!! You killed Chicago now *enjoy* New York! Like you said, this is your home town and you want to be happy running along your old stomping grounds–not tied down to any goal times. My opinion only ❤


    1. well I don’t think i’ll PR in NY! it’s a harder course…but i’d still like to run a strong race! hope your training is going well- from the sound of your blog, it absolutely is. i think you’ll have a great race in NY!

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      1. Thank you!! I don’t know, I’m SO nervous because like you said, NY is a hard course and everyone has said it’s not PR friendly. But, I’m gonna try –I guess I really don’t have anything to lose, lol!

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