nice fog fatso

i’m on a juice cleanse til monday. there are two weeks til the NY marathon and i’m on a juice cleanse because i have felt bloated for three weeks since the chicago marathon.

i can’t somehow wrap my head around the NY marathon. i feel like I’m in a fog. maybe that’s caffeine withdrawal, but this whole week has felt off. i need to make real efforts to get present this week and get my head where it needs to be.

i’m running. i am somewhere between recovering from chicago, maintaining fitness and after a long run this weekend, i will taper for NY.

specifically, I ran 6 miles easy on Monday + two miles at 5k pace monday night

‘ropes and rowers’ boot camp on tuesday

6 miles at race pace on Wednesday

yesterday- rest

today 6 miles easy

saturday, 15 miles easy pace

and then i’ll taper down from there…

more than my body is tired, because it’s really not(?) my brain is tired. the emotional up and down of training, and then having a huge PR in chicago, and coming off that high…i feel a little lost. instead of focusing on today, and the miles i’ll run after work, i’m worrying about what i’ll do after the marathon.

i was getting dressed this morning, and saw my training schedule on the wall- i have been training since the second weekend in june. this is nearly five months, six days a week of scheduled workouts. and i really haven’t missed many. i don’t know what my weeks will feel like without training for something.

i need to shake my head out of this and get pumped, because it’s 15 days til the New York marathon!


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