new york marathon, it’s really happening

i am so excited.

i have been planning to run NY for almost two years. it’s really almost here.

the ads are all over the subways- though, whenever i mention that to people, they say i’m the only one who’s noticing because it’s on my radar. Road Runners has put ‘smile markers’ around the city…there’s one on my walk home, and every day when i pass it i stop in my tracks, dumb-founded and stare at it.

i guess i’m terrified.

i’m trying to stay in a great headspace. all i can do is be present for this race. i’ve trained hard, i’ve been training since June 12 (the long training cycle due to having been additionally training for chicago which i ran on Oct. 9)…

i feel good. i’m on the taper. i had a very difficult run to roosevelt island on sunday, which i found disconcerting, but i was on a juice cleanse because i’m an idiot who does a juice cleanse two weeks before a marathon.


i got through that 12 mile run on no food. now its a series of taper runs, averaging 6 miles, and i’ll keep my pace easy.

i am so excited.

i am so grateful.

i am going to let myself love the shit out of this day, even if its corny, and even if everyone i know has already run this race. i am going to run my own race.

new york!



  1. I love this. We are going to enjoy the heck out of that race!

    Hey, how’s the weather? What do you anticipate it being there on race day? I’ve checked online but it’s nice to get the scoop from someone’s who’s actually there 🙂

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    1. we are going to love this race!!! The air is suddenly much colder. It says it’s in the it’s been in the high 40’s/50’s…On Sunday I did a long run in a tshirt, and a long sleeved pullover, compression socks and shorts, and regretted the shorts. I even had the hood up for a lot of the run. So anticipate being cold and dress to throw stuff away! I’m planning on wearing gloves and something over my ears. Shorts…I can’t decide.


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