massage, run, yoga, ice, heat pad, ice, run, heat pad, ice. recovery weekend.

the week of the marathon is strange. i have this feeling of ‘well, i’ve put the work into my training, the work i can do now is really just rest, nutrition and mental balance.



  • drinking a gallon of water a day
  • laying off gum, mints, cough drops and other things that make my stomach bloat
  • beginning midweek, laying off fiber and veggies (i.e., everything i normally eat)
  • sleep, sleep, sleep
  • meditation class
  • yoga
  • a few light runs
  • staying positive, staying grateful that i am running NY this year, and reminding myself that I worked my tail off and that i should be proud of my training
  • try and have conversations that don’t only revolve around the marathon


the mental stuff is really important for me. i can psych myself out really easily, and i don’t run well when i’m in my head and not present. i’ve only very recently begun trying a meditation practice. i hope it helps me. i’m not used to stillness. i read a quote not long ago that sums it up nicely:

“i run very fast because i desperately want to stand very still”



    1. don’t freak out, you’re SO ready! I’m freaking out but trying very very hard to keep the mentality I had going in to Chicago. Weather has been good here (chilly and crisp, with a weird 70 degree day last sunday that hopefully was a one off spike)


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