nice beets fatso

i just ate beets and half a sweet potato for lunch. guess it’s marathon week!

i am just so over the top floored by the support i’ve been getting from family, my friends, and even just acquaintances. so much love. i am very lucky, and very grateful. i hope i can keep that in my heart over the 26.2 miles.

last night i had a run with the running group. i was reluctant to go, knowing that all talk would be marathon talk- and that can get me really anxious. but it was so nice. there was this great calm. most of the runners have done the New York Marathon before, but there was a definite excitement and regard for how big the day is for us.

it makes me just feel lucky to be part of it.

i really hope sunday goes well.

i hope i can stay in a good head space.

til then it’s all beets and stretching.


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  1. We all get pretty anxious leading up to the race but try to remember all you’ve done to this point. You’ve already done some amazing things just to get to the start line. I forget that 99% of a big race is training and the race itself is only 1% of the whole experience. This is just the final leg. You will do great and should be proud no matter what happens. Just enjoy the experience. 👍

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