why get out of bed if not to train for a marathon?

this week has been rough.

the emotional swell of having completed the new york marathon, immediately followed by a mind boggling election…i feel pretty lost.

i am trying to focus on the good, and i am trying to stay close to the people i love. i am signed up to volunteer next weekend, i am running with NBR, i don’t know what else to do.

on wednesday i went for my first post marathon run- it felt awesome. it was a short run, just over and back on the williamsburg bridge (2.8 miles), but i felt strong. and i needed the run.

last night i planned to do another short run, a 5k, and was immediately struck with soreness. i guess marathons take it out of you. i ran 2.5 miles and sat in the sauna for 15 minutes.

i already miss training!

how is that possible.

to keep my head screwed on, i’m working on my 6 month running goals:

1- run with NBR 3x a week, to include road runs, long runs, and track/speed work

2- Jan. 22, Fred Lebow half marathon, run in 1:51

3- HIIT training 2x/week

4- Marseille marathon 3/19 ???????



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