Post marathon depression IS A THING


since crossing the finish line, it feels like the bottoms come out.

i know that’s super dramatic but, post marathon depression is a thing, and it blows.

with no real goal in site i feel like I’m drifting.

i feel bloated and like meals don’t even have the same purpose

i don’t know what to write about

i think my parents are worried- they are urging me to sign up for another marathon. clearly my aimlessness is palpable. its probably not normal to always need to be training for a race.

i mean, clearly i know that there will be a time in my life where i am not marathon training, and there should be other things that bring me joy. but. at the moment. all i see is the daunting holiday season approaching and a feeling of discontent that’s making it impossible for me to sit still.

so new goals!?

i am pretty sure i’m signing up for the Marseille Marathon, March 19. a friend of mine is running it, and despite the fact that he will be running a full HOUR faster than me…it will be great to have his guidance and be on the course at the same time.

this will be a goal race for me, to run in 3:59. i think i can do it. i’m researching training plans.

i need to shake this.




  1. Agree 100%, first marathon was a disaster and I hated running. But to get the bad taste out I signed up for #2 a few months later. That was a disaster too and i hated running even more. I took about 2 months off with minimal running. Eventually the passion came back. It always does. Focus on the positives of what running brings you.


    1. yeah- my depression is from missing marathon training because I love running! I’m really happy with my marathons this season. I just need to sign up for the next so I have a new goal! I hope you’re having a great season!


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