embrace speed

i started running as blindly as i started using an elliptical. obviously. i never read up on cardio before doing it. i jumped on the elliptical and i jumped into road running.


1- in 2013 it was a good excuse to get out of the apartment i was temporarily sharing with my alcoholic/bartender boyfriend who would spend all day in the apartment recovering

2- in 2014 i couldn’t afford my gym membership, running is free!

3- in 2015 i fell in love with racing. the high of lining up with hundreds, or more typically, thousands of people was addictive. the nervous energy. crowds cheering. and of course, crossing a finish line.

4- in 2016 i changed my day to day life, broke up with the mean, cheating, lying crazy boyfriend, lost weight, stopped drinking, stopped smoking, started running a lot faster, and ran three marathons. I am in love with the sport. I read everything I can about it. I love long runs. I love seeing my times improving. Distances that used to frighten me are now sunday afternoons. paces that i used to think were impossible for me are showing up on my garmin. i don’t need music. i need to run. running gave me my life back.

so like i said, i started running blindly. recklessly signing up for a half marathon in 2014, wearing sneakers that were meant for fashion, not function, and holding my phone (music) in my hand the entire time. once completed, i became obsessed with reading running blogs, and i learned most of what i now do from other runners’ accounts of their races. i learned about race nutrition. about training plans. about the walls, and about pacing.

last january i picked up a training plan from runners world and trained, on my own, for my first marathon.

i did the same for marathons 2, and 3, but with more cross and strength training. with hill sprints and long tempo runs.

but there was one thing i always pushed to the side, because i could never understand it. it looked like algebra class.

4 x1000m at 5k pace followed by    4 x200m at mile pace


what language is this?

why are there x’s?

what’s my mile pace?

and then i would skip it. and just go on a longer run. and call myself an endurance runner and leave it at that.

BUT- 2017 goals are all speed goals. so it’s time to embrace the speed! and that means, i finally emailed the guy that organizes the track workouts for NBR, and he helped me understand what the x’s…

and last night was my first night at the track with NBR, and i loved it! i was VERY intimidated. i showed up, ran a mile to warm up, and then joined the pack of very fit people at the start line. the night was broken into two workouts, one being a ladder of sprints and recoveries, and the other, longer distances (1000m) at a comfortably hard pace. The guy leading the workout was great, he timed my 1000’s and it looks like i do these at a 7:50ish pace.

it was hard. but it was over in a flash, and i am so excited to mix this into my training.

based on some early calculations that are probably super pre-mature, here are some speed goals:

5k: 23:30

10k: 51:46

1/2: 1:51:24

Marathon: 3:59

we’ll see! upcoming races are December 10, the Ted Corbitt 15k, and January 22, Fred Lebow Half Marathon.

i don’t even know what i’m capable of yet.



  1. i love your blog! what kind of garmin do you use? I have the forerunner 235 and I LOVE it! what kind of fuel do you use during marathons? I’m running my first one next November and I can’t wait!!! I just started a blog a couple days ago about my weight loss journey and my half-marathon/marathon training. check it out and follow me if you don’t mind. my username is iwasjustrundering. my name is Julie!


    1. Hey! thanks for stopping by. that’s so exciting that you’re running your first marathon! marathon training and running is an obsession of mine, so i can relate. everyone has different fuel strategies, and it’s total trial and error til you find what doesn’t bug your stomach mid race, and what gives you enough energy to push through the hard miles. I use GU’s, every 5 miles if i’m doing a run over 10 miles. some people use more, and some less. I would recommend looking at Tina Muir’s blog- it’s really relatable and informative on all things training (http://tinamuir.com) I run with the Garmin Forerunner 25, it’s the most basic watch and does everything I need. i’ll have to check out your blog! take care.


  2. Great story. Always great to see the backstory on why people run. I have a theory that so many of us come to running for some great NEED. Need to destress, need to lose weight, etc. Still such an inspiration to hear everyone’s story. I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings you.


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