nice workouts fatso

i took this cardio/bootcamp on saturday afternoon at Equinox. i’ve been trying to get to strength training and HIIT classes twice a week to increase my overall fitness. i have to say i am loving the shape that marathon training leaves you in. while i haven’t pushed mileage past 10 miles since the marathon…i really feel like my fitness is at a new level.

and that feels pretty great.

marathon training, and marathon running make pushing through discomfort extremely doable.

yes, i can hold this plank longer.

i can squat lower

i can sustain this

my endurance is strong. my strength however- needs improvement. its amazing how clear something like bootcamp can show you where your strengths are. burpees and dead lifts? no problem…planks on a medicine ball? kill me.

it looks like i will begin marathon training again the second week of december, but while getting my training miles in, i also really want to dedicate workouts to strength training. it’s a new feeling for me to know that i have control over my body. it’s an alarmingly new feeling.

i just completed a three day juice cleanse to sort of re-set post marathon. marathon’s leave me bloated, which is the opposite of what one would think after running 26.2 miles.

in any case, i’m feeling a lot better, lighter, and excited for my workout plans this week. including bootcamp, tempo runs, speed work, and dealing with thanksgiving without losing my mind!


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  1. Agree that training has you feeling very fit. And the workout sessions will help a ton in the next training session. Keep up the great work.


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