back in training

spring is almost here!

no, it’s not. but if you’re training for a spring marathon, its a mere 14 weeks out.

I’m happy i’ve decided to run Marseille. I really know nothing about the course (and there’s little online) and i’m totally okay with that. even though i love little more than reading EVERY race recap I can find about any given run i intend to do; it keeps my expectations at bay when i can’t project what every mile will bring.

i’m happy with where my fitness levels are currently. so it’ll be really exciting to see what this training cycle has in store for me. i plan to do a pretty challenging schedule of weekly tempo runs and speed work in addition to long runs and hills. i know i have a 3:59 marathon in me, and it would mean a lot if this were the course to reach that goal.

i am running the race ‘with’ my friend Ron. I say ‘with’ because Ron is an ultra marathoner who runs sub three hour marathons. we are not exactly in the same league. I met Ron in 2012 when I was visiting my friend Morane in Amsterdam. I was 27, had just been abruptly broken up with, and in a mission to prove to myself (and to Facebook) that nothing could get me down. i instantly booked a trip abroad to visit Morane. She and I went to acting school together in 2007 and she’d shown me a great time in Paris when i’d travelled through years earlier. Amsterdam was a strange trip. I spent a lot of the time bummed out about being dumped and trying not to get lost on beautiful streets. I was a chain smoker and couldn’t get enough wine in my mouth. I was the opposite of the man she lived with, Ron.



Morane and I in Amsterdam, 2012

All i knew about Ron was that he was tall and apparently went on long runs. i remember triumphantly getting him to smoke a cigarette with me in their apartment on my last night of the trip. it was late and we were about three bottles of red wine in. my life was laughably different from theirs. they were healthy. parents. she, vegan, he ultra runner. i was drunk and making comedy videos for youtube and going to hot yoga hungover to sweat out booze.

a year later i found myself crossing the finish line of my first half marathon. ron and morane messaged me ‘let us know when you’re doing a full marathon’. which i thought was hilarious.

long story short, my life is dramatically different now. running is a bigger part of my life than anything. i probably wouldn’t recognize the girl drinking red wine in amsterdam. morane and ron have been a constant source of encouragement. we are weirdly in touch quite often. they are always among the first to message me after races.

and they just happen to have recently moved to the south of france.

so this march, i’ll be joining ron on the 26.2 out and back along the coast in marseille. it would be really great to crush my goal while with two of the people that inspired me to try distance running.

so here we go- week one of training, 30 miles

14 weeks!



  1. That is an incredible story and a real testimony to how amazing this sport really is. It is filled with inspiring stories. Thanks for sharing.


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