running with strangers

nbr is a huge team, there are familiar faces but each week i wind up running with someone new.

wednesday nights are the road run, usually five miles or so through greenpoint, LIC, or east williamsburg. we split into smaller pace groups, 7:15’s, 8:15’s and 9’s. I tend to stick with the 8:15’s which is great because on my own I would take that run slower.

running with strangers means you push to stay with the pack

running with strangers sometimes means telling your life story to someone you may never see again. (on sunday’s long run, a 13 mile stretch through South Brooklyn, i wound up running with this one guy the whole time. we literally know more about each other than my work friends that i have known for over two years).

running with strangers means you’re not the only one obsessing over what spring races to sign up for

this saturday will be my first NYRR race that i’m running as an NBR teammate. (Ted Corbitt 15k). for years i would cross finish lines and enviously see teams cheering for each other and comparing horror stories (and triumphs) from the course. i don’t know what took me so long to join. fear of not being fast enough.

i feel pretty lucky that i get to leave work, run with a bunch of cool people, hit equinox for a bootcamp and crash into eight deserved hours of sleep. this is a strange time, and not how i thought my life would be. all i can do is set goals and make sure to meet them.


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