nice goals fatso

i never thought i could be a fast runner, i just assumed speed was not something i was made for and concentrated on becoming an endurance runner.

that was stupid and limiting.

i’m kidding, it wasn’t stupid, because eventually endurance running increased the speed with which i can comfortably run. but only recently have i really begun to concentrate on speed workouts and targeted paces for my runs. and i’m thrilled!

i used to read a lot of running blogs, and feel a bit lost when i runner would describe their training runs…like “i did 10k at such and such pace, and then my last four miles at goal pace” …i was like ‘huh? you don’t just…run?’

after completing three marathons by feel, i am finally training to run with a race plan. a race plan that i will happily toss to the side on race day if i find its killing my headspace, but i’m excited to see what this will mean for my times.

luckily i have a half marathon in January wherein i can test out running with targeted paces.

tonight i’ve got a speed workout with the running team, we’re doing this workout:

10-15 minute warmup jog
10 minute tempo, 2-3 minutes rest
6 x (1 minute quick, 1 minute rest), 2-3 minutes rest
10 min tempo.
10-15 minute cooldown jog.

For me this will translate to:

warmup jog: 9mm pace

10 minute tempo: 8mm pace

6×1 minute at 7:20 pace

10 minute tempor: 8mm pace

10-15 minute jog/cool down


Starting next week I am also going to start doing Yasso 800’s

Yasso 800s
Yasso 800s are an invention of Runner’s World staffer Bart Yasso, who has run more than 50 marathons and ultramarathons. Because of their simplicity, Yasso 800s have proven popular and useful for marathoners worldwide. Basically, Bart says that if you want to run a marathon in 2:45, 3:29 or 4:11, you should train to the point where you can run 10 repeats of 800 meters in the same time?2:45, 3:29 or 4:11. The only difference is that your marathon time is hours:minutes and your 800 time is minutes:seconds. Bart suggests doing Yasso 800s once a week as part of your marathon training. Start with perhaps 4 x 800 and build up to 10 x 800. Between the 800s, take a recovery jog that lasts as long as your 800s. (Additional hint: Yasso 800s are a great workout for any runner. Because they are “strong but controlled,” they’re basically a form of tempo training.) A good Yasso 800 workout: 6 x 800 at Yasso pace with recovery jogs between the 800s.

This page helped me break things down nicely:


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