a casual 12 miles, a good dream, the horror of the treadmill and another cleanse for good measure

what a weird weekend. if i wasn’t at the gym or running, i was sleeping. i’ve got a stye in my right eye that’s making me look and feel like a monster. i cancelled a date saturday night and slept for about 14 hours.

thursday night was a killer. long story short, it was meant to be a rest day, and being the type of person who is terrible at downtime…an unexpected free hour after work turned into a miserable run on a treadmill (my headphones were broken, I was literally just watching the clock). it was a total punishment run for having eaten too many almonds. and i know better than this. i know that my body is not an equal beam scale, tipping back and forth to balance out exercise and food. i know that going on a post meal run only alleviates the feeling of fat and not fat itself. anyway. treadmills are the worst, and the run was unnecessary, and i can’t run 9 days in a row. i know that a lot of people have similar experiences. and while it’s not exactly ‘marathon training’ its me trying very hard to get my body to be a certain way so i can live and race in a way that i want.

friday was a wash. i was so tired at work and gratefully sent home early due to this stye. i think i was asleep by 6pm, and i didn’t wake up til 9am! which was a bummer because i missed the opportunity to meet Jack Daniels, the running coach, who was hosting a run down the street from me.

however- i feel this sleep was totally justified because i had a dream where i raced the marseille marathon in under 4 hours.

it had snowed overnight, and i wound up at the gym, taking a bootcamp and then knocking out 6 miles on the treadmill. so much treadmill running! i would not be in love with this sport if this were my only option.

and then sunday…a lovely 12 miles with my friend jen. the weather was rainy, but perfect temperatures for a long run. We went up to Roosevelt Island, it was a nice easy run at a 9:20 pace.



Roosevelt Island is a super strange place. Even on a sunny day it can feel haunted

it feels great to be back in training. i am not letting the holiday’s get in the way of my schedule, it just means a few 5am wake ups…woof.

and. because i love nothing more than a cleanse. i am on a new cleanse- called Chef V. So far I feel good, but i’ll be reporting as the days march on. this feels like the most boring post i’ve ever written. this is me without coffee…



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  1. Sorry to hear about the stye, hopefully is heals up soon.

    Don’t you enjoy those long runs that just flow. Makes this sport so awesome doesn’t it!!


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