the strong long runs when you’re invincible

i love marathon training.

no, correction. i love long runs. marathon training also includes a lot of shorter, harder workouts, so there is a certain reward to a nice long run when i’m not looking at my watch, my time, or even the miles. time is clicking by and i’m just getting there.

i love marathon training because on some runs you feel so much stronger suddenly, you feel the payoff of your hard work in ten fold.

i love marathon training because it grounds me. i can get better. i can get stronger, i will get faster, i will get more efficient.

this weekend, i had four days off for the holiday’s. there were a lot of family get together’s and work parties. but i had a nice amount of time to myself to get some great runs in. on Saturday i met with the running team; they had mapped out a 12 miles course that would loop us past the Rockefeller Center tree and back to Brooklyn. Since it was absolutely downpouring- only three of us did this run. I felt great, I don’t mind running in the rain, however, my hands were FROZEN. I had gloves on but they were drenched. By the last 5k I was just bending and straightening my fingers, trying to get feeling back. I wound up sitting in the steam room and taking a hot shower afterwords, and STILL feeling bone chilled for hours afterwords.

my friend and i took a last minute trip to Greenwich CT on Saturday night. we sat in a hot tub and watched christmas movies. that was tops. Sunday morning we got up at 6am and went for this beautiful 11 mile run by the water. we were nearly the only people awake, and it was just beautiful. again, i felt so strong, the mileage was nothing. i love that. i do think these speed workouts have been helping my long runs.

tonight is speed work, and core. 11 weeks til marseille!




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