nice rest day fatso

why does it feel like i haven’t run in a month when i take one day off?

i haven’t missed a mile on my training plan, but somehow the holidays and a wonkier schedule have had me feeling like my routine is super shaken.

the marseille marathon is in ten weeks and its time to buckle down and get serious. not that i’ve been un-serious at any point. but i guess i’m feeling like i sort of dialed in my weekend runs. i was tired, and up very late being a normal human being that goes out and has fun. despite the fact that i don’t drink, staying up too 4am dancing still leaves me pretty worthless the following day.

i went on three runs this weekend, i felt pretty strong, and fast, effortlessly hitting 8:20’s. i’ve got the Fred Lebow half marathon in a few weeks, that should be a good indicator of where my fitness is at.

back in the swing of things, ready for 2017 and all the beautiful miles



  1. I know what you mean. I think it’s all about being off our schedule. I’ve been lazy in the mornings so I’ve had to run midday or at night. I’m getting my miles in but I feel like I’m missing something. As for the rest days, remind yourself how important they are. In have to tell myself that all the time. When I feel good i want to run ALL the time but rest is important to training.


    1. I’ve always hated rest days. I’m too extreme. Though I will say- I’ve been (accidentally) sleeping 10 hours a night???! So I guess my body is trying to tell me something…

      My blog name is just part of my whole journey. no matter how much faster i get, i feel slow, and no matter how tight my abs get i feel big. i think my first post on this blog is about it, just how i grew up pretty out of of shape (and by pretty out of shape, i mean obese). and you can run a lot of marathons, and wear a size two, but if your formative years were spent trapped in your own fat body, you’ll still feel like the fat kid. it sucks. i’m proud of my fitness accomplishments, but i would give anything to not know what it feels like to not be able to walk up a flight of stairs without my heart pounding.

      but, i do think it gives me drive. and as we all know- endurance sports are super mental!

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      1. Makes sense! I’m relatively thin but I eat so much shit it’s not even funny. I’m a really unhealthy runner, lol.

        Growing up, I had *really* bad acne which made me super self-conscious and scarred me physically and figuratively. Now that I’m an adult, no matter how much my husband tells me I’m beautiful, I still feel like the ugly pimply girl I was in high school. 😦


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