nailing those speed workouts + 12 hours of sleep equals ten weeks til Marseille Marathon

i was an hour late to work today.

the receptionist gave me a cheeky smile assuming i’d been out partying, or at the very least on some really great date til all hours of the night. why else would i have written a frantic email from bed at 8:50am “running late! be in soon!”

my hot date was with a speed session of  2 sets of 5-6×400@5k pace w/ 200m jog (400m between sets). I had a mile warm up and mile cool down, and I was fried afterwords. I somehow managed to shower and fall into the blankets. and next thing i knew it was time for work, and i was still in bed!

i’m really happy with the workout i had last night. speed work is still new-ish for me, and really pushes me out of my comfort zone. i still feel that i could push myself harder, and i probably have stronger speeds in me. i do think like an endurance runner, and i am always ‘saving some in the bag’.

recently this email went out to my running team, and i think about it a lot:

I used to think of running this way.  The mile is the key to the marathon and the 400
is the key to the mile.  But to do a good 400 required a good 200.  So I focused on
training for the mile which helped my marathon.  
I used to occasionally train on the Brooklyn College track with a runner
who was originally from Greece and had been a sub 4 minute miler. We
used to do 200s.  He hadn’t raced in a while but as a return race he decided
to run 10 miles which he did in 51 minutes. This supported the speed approach.
When doing intervals they were done to set times.  So let’s say the workout was 
10 x 400.  You might have had to run each under 65 seconds.  Missing one might 
have meant an additional 400. This is of course different from the current approach
which focuses on using one’s 5K pace, 10K pace etc.  
essentially, i never worked on my short distance speed as a means to improve my marathon times. i used to focus on the the ability to endure high mileage.
it’s definitely fear territory for me to push my pace for longer distances, but it’s exciting. i think i can do it! i’ve got a half marathon on the 22nd and i think it’ll be a great chance to test pushing pace on a longer distance. granted, this is a mid January (read, freezing) race in central park (read, harlem hill TWICE). But, i have a time goal that i’d love to smash.
and in the meantime- i’ll be the girl sleeping 12 hours a night.
bleary after a mad dash to get to work

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  1. Ha…I run into the same thing. Finish a run later than planned and people give you the side eye. I always want to say “I’m # miles deep before you even get up, leave me alone” lol.

    Thanks for the speed work info. I dread it and avoid it, but I think that’s because I don’t know enough about it. Appreciate the insite.


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