oh my speedwork

i am sore in the best way. i’ve been really pushing myself in this round of training. the past three marathons i’ve trained for, i was really looking to complete the courses, and to run strong. to finish in a non-embaressing time, and with a smile? but now i’d really like to see what i can do for my pace.

running the chicago marathon, it wasn’t easy but it was kind of…not hard. NY was hard because my body was still recovering from the chicago course, and…if you haven’t heard…there are about 700 million bridges and hills in the NY marathon.

when i trained in the past, i was careful to select plans that felt super manageable. those plans had me running five days per week, with long runs on the weekends, but with very manageable distances midweek. it was easy enough to get myself out the door for a 4 mile run on a wednesday, or a 6 mile easy run on a friday…

well i’ve thrown that aside this round an i’m working with a Pfitzinger plan. it’s a LOT of miles. and a lot of speed work. and i have to say. i am loving pushing myself this hard. Yes, i am suddenly sleeping 10 hours a night (which hasn’t been great for getting to work on time…) and running 6x a week, and strength training 2x a week…but i love hard work. correction- i love hard work when it pays off.

and i think it is!

last night i did a workout that combined speed and hills. woof. the last intervals were 90 second, then 60 second, then 30 second all out sprints. My last interval i ran a 6:40. I have never pushed so hard!

i really still feel that speed is so mental. speed hurts immediately. aches from endurance running, the long haul of exhaustion is different. but speed brings the pain immediately. sometimes followed by nausea…sometimes followed by some unfortunate stomach cramps. but it is always my brain, and not my body that slows me down.

i am so scared of failure that i forget that training is the time to fail- so that i don’t have to fail on race day.

that i can head out for a run, and try and maintain at 7:45 pace for 6 miles. why not? i will not teach my body that it can endure this until i try.

marathon training keeps teaching me so much about myself, and about breaking limitations.

last night when i was doing a three minute interval at 7:30, i was thinking, who knows in time, this could be my marathon pace. crazier things have happened.


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  1. Ahhh the love/hate of speedwork. It hurts when your hammering segments and you’re dead tired after. But when you see endurance building and pacing is easier man oh man you love that hard work lol. I saw that first hand this weekend. Never did I think I could hold 7:15 pace for 13 miles. Keep working, you can build to that 7:30 pace, gotta take some risk and push in training so you fail. You gotta push past your limit to start seeing what we truly are capable of.

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