winter training

i’m on a 16 week training plan for the Marseille marathon this spring. this means my training began in December, and rolls through march. this means-

  • running in the snow
  • running in sub 30 temps when it’s seemingly dark outside, all the time
  • running when the sun is out, but it’s still burning cold
  • carefully watching my footing because everything appears to be ice
  • sometimes doing long runs…like fifteen miles…on a treadmill (woof)
  • forgetting to drink water because it’s too cold

I would complain…but come July i’ll be training for new york and whining about humidity…

this saturday i went for a run with my friend Jen. Just as we head out the snow started coming down, and while initially i was thinking we’d call it- it wound up being so great! there were a handful of runners out, and everything was covered. the snow wasn’t slippery yet, and it was all really serene and great.

physically i’m feeling good. my long run/easy pace has been effortlessly sub GMP, so i’m happy about that. i need to start paying more attention to nutrition and stop eating kale and cough drops for lunch- this is not serving my evening runs.

this weekend i’m running the fred Lebow half marathon in central park. while this is a challenging course (3x up the harlem hills)…I think it’ll be a good gauge of where my fitness and times are sitting.

all in all i feel ok. winter training is not my favorite. i am really looking forward to longer days, and having more hours of light for my evening runs. i also don’t mind a tan when i’m clocking two hour training runs…




  1. Has to feel so amazing to be running easy pace faster than GMP. I like throwing something in here and there to test my fitness. Training plans are so lonc, it’s nice to change it up with a race here and there.


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