women run

last night i got to go on one of the most meaningful runs of my life.

four women from Harlem Run club had decided that they were going to run from NY to DC, arriving (240 miles later) at the Women’s March on Washington this Saturday. The word spread, and they have raised on $70,000 for planned parenthood. So a huge group of us met at their starting point and ran the first leg with them. It looks like they will have support for their whole incredible route.

i am in such awe. in a time where it is so easy to feel defeated and useless, to use what you can do, and what you care about doing to effect change and impact, it’s mind-blowing.

i have no words to describe what i felt last night- other than awe of the amount of passion and complete positivity around me.

there were men and women of every size shape and background. this was not a run for fitness, or for personal gain, or mileage, or speed. this was purely about showing up. there was an ecstatic joy. and support. it didn’t even feel like running it was like a giant hug. it was like someone saying over and over ‘we’re doing what we can’.

the image of four women running because by no means will they not get there, and because we are in all possible ways, not going to stop. it fills me with hope.

we met at 6pm in Harlem, on 145th and Lenox, and ran up to the GW bridge, crossing over and into New Jersey. Now, it’s Thursday morning, they’re probably well into Pennsylvania. I’m sad not to be with them.

I can’t write this very well. because i have feelings and not thoughts about all of it.

the power of passion is a remarkable thing to witness first hand.




You can read more about their journey here: http://www.essence.com/news/two-women-running-nyc-dc-support-planned-parenthood



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