that time i spent all my money on fitness stuff

i am really bad with money.

like, really bad.

and my favorite thing to spend money is fitness related. races. sneakers. workout clothes. sports recovery tools. protein shake mixes. vitamins. cinnamon pills. gym classes. spin classes. trainers. gu. foam rollers. i mean literally, i get JOY out of looking at these things. race expos are basically my birthday with on ecstasy, puppies and compliments times a thousand.

a few years ago I was a pack a day smoker, and partier. I easily spent $50-$100 a night on drinks, and $13.50/day on cigarettes (NY taxes are absurd)…and let me preface this all with I AM NOT A WEALTHY PERSON! I MAKE QUITE A LOW SALARY! so you would think that now as a former drinker, smoker, and needer of late night taxi’s…i would be rolling in dough…

but being healthy is expensive! races are expensive! especially the big ones. green juice is expensive. and eating healthy whole foods are expensive. so i am super broke, but my abs are happy.

about 6 months ago i joined equinox, which is a super indulgence. it’s a really lovely gym, and i feel that with the amount of time i spend working out, and not being ‘normal’ and going out to bars and clubs, that i should indulge in the healthier things…*note- i can justify ANYTHING***

and i love equinox. i think the classes are so stellar. the trainers, the facility, the equipment, it really is, to me, worth it.

so last night, like every other New Yorker looking to drop half their paycheck for some endorphins, i went to Barry’s Bootcamp with my friend Jessica.

i’ve heard of Barry’s for years. it’s always met with this gasp, and moan, “oh you were at Barrys! are you so sore forever!?” everyone told me i would love it, that it was the hardest workout, and that i would be obsessed. me, obsessed? sure, i scanned their package offerings before i’d even taken a single class…

if you haven’t heard of barry’s- it’s a HIIT class, that focuses on one body part per session, except the weekends- those are full body workouts. the classes are split time between treadmill sprints and hills, immediately followed by floor work concentrating on the muscle group of the day.

and i have to say.


i’m not sore! it was a good workout, for sure. i felt great afterwords! but there was certainly no point at which i wondered if i could make through, there was never a mind over matter mantra. it was just a fun HIIT class. for $36 bucks! no thanks.

at least i still have my $3.00 bottle of water.

this weekend- i’ve got on tap an 18 miler tomorrow, followed by athletic conditioning and 6 miles on sunday….7 weeks til Marseille!



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  1. Marseille is right around the corner, so awesome.

    Agree 100%, healthy living is expensive. Add in races and gym, easy to be broke. I’ve seen plenty of people rave about one thing or another and then turns out not to be my thing. Good to engage in the activities we enjoy to maximise our finances.


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