a 20 mile run, a ten mile run, acupuncture and spinach. am i perfect yet?

today is a very deserved rest day. I’m not even sore so much as spent. saturday was 20 miles, 50% at goal marathon pace. Sunday was 10 miles recovery.

marathon training is time moving very fast and very slow simultaneously

how is marseille still 6 weeks away!?

wait…how am i already at my 20 mile run?

man, i just ran 20 miles and i don’t really feel bad at all…

everything hurts I’m tired there isn’t enough sleep in the world!

i’m dealing with some medical issues due to weight loss and my body’s response to high impact training. it’s frustrating. i went to acupuncture for the first time on friday- which was surprisingly undramatic given that you’re laying there with a bunch of needles in you. i’d be lying if i said i felt any different after, but i’m willing to keep trying.

what i’ve loved about marathon truing is the undeniable progress you make in a short period of time. a year ago i was training for the paris marathon, my first full. i remember my first 20 mile run, and how unbelievably hard it was. the last four miles i was barely running. i guess you could say it was a pretty good indication of how the paris marathon would play out for me…

i have since run two more marathons. my fitness has gotten stronger and stronger. also, mentally, i know 20 miles now. it’s daunting, of course. but it’s not insurmountable. after my 20 on saturday i joined friends for brunch, they had just been to a yoga session- and it was just so normal. i just ran 20 miles, and now i’m eating eggs with friends. i wasn’t even compelled to brag about it on Facebook (now THAT says something right there). what is my point? my point is that the more work i put in, the closer i get to being the athlete i’d like to be. i can run 20 miles and then have a day where i’m not whining about being sore. i can meet a friend for a 10 mile recovery and still make it to a super bowl party and socialize like a normal person who isn’t inputting every calories they consume into a calculator.

this weekend i was reading a bit of Pete Pfitzinger’s advanced marathon training- and one contributor, and olympic medalist, was talking about when his training plan called for 150 miles a week. and that when something matters to you, you make time for it. there’s no such thing as not enough time. and i really relate to that. (not that i’m running 150 miles a week at the moment). but that two years ago it wouldn’t have seemed feasible to run high mileage and still have a social life. and it didn’t seem feasible to get faster and fitter and still be able to hang out at bars and talk about things that have nothing to do with running.

i’m very happy with this weekend’s runs. and i’m very happy to have a day off running to appreciate it.




  1. totally relate. I felt that way training for NYC–I just did what I had to do and then it just became my normal, lol!!

    I’m in rest zone now though and my training for Phoenix Marathon has been NOTHING like NYC or your Marseille’s. I’m beat!! Can’t believe you’re trucking along like a badass!


    1. When is Pheonix? I just read your re-cap of the 12k…and i’m so jealous you’re running in the sun! It’s been pretty freezing on my runs here…

      It’s funny, I’m training hard to Marseille because I have time goals, but it’s also such a random marathon that i’m not going into it with the same mentality as NYC, or Chicago. If that makes any sense.

      It’ll be nice to have a few months off training between Marseille and NYC 17′ training…maybe i’ll try swimming…


  2. I like to look back over training progress because I agree, you see old posts about tough runs. First time we hit double digits, first 20 miler, etc. Nice to reflect on the progress.

    Also agree with finding time to train. People think I’m crazy for waking up at 4am to run, but if I want to get better, gotta do it. Or two runs in one day to keep building mileage. Keep up the great work, very inspiring.


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