this is what i love about marathon training

mileage is at its high right now. i am sleeping 9 hours a night and dreaming of pace charts. this is the type of crazy time that i really really love.

when your fitness level gets to that place where you can run 20 miles and you just know 20 miles in your body. when you’re running enough to be often surrounded by like minded people who can share advice and training stories. people who get it.

when you’re a month out from your marathon- you have enough weeks ahead of you to not be too terrified, and enough weeks behind you to be pretty proud.


it was hard for me to get mentally psyched up for marseille (which will be marathon #4, on March 19). the combination of having just completed chicago and NY…the upheaval of this disgusting election, and cold weather…combined with marseille just sort of being a ‘random’ marathon. up until now the three that i have ran are all major city races, with lots of information to find online, as well as tons of crowd support. the marseille marathon, apart from having a website, is practically non existent…

but now that i’ve put in nine weeks or so of training, and i’ve hit that sweet spot, i am so so excited about this race. i can’t wait to see what i can do next. i have time goals for this race, and i don’t want to lose focus.

5 weeks to go…





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