i couldn’t do it til i did it

i was out running with this guy from my team, and he said something that’s stuck with me. with marathon running, you don’t get many opportunities for trial and error. training is this delicate balance of getting in hard workouts, high mileage and pushing fitness, combined with a debilitating fear of getting hurt, over strained, over trained and burnt out.

the biggest change for this training cycle for me has been making each run/workout purposeful. certainly the first time i was marathon training it was enough to meet the weekly mileage. i ran all of my runs depending on how i was feeling that day. and that helped me complete my first marathon. the second time i was training, for both Chicago and NY (simultaneously) i incorporated speed work and hills. now i go into each workout knowing what the goal of that run is. it’s challenging, and there are moments where I am definelty not having fun! but i remind myself, marathon training, and marathon running isn’t meant to be comfortable, and it’s supposed to be hard.

this past 3 day weekend for Not My President’s Day was so epically perfect for running. We had a sudden spring in NY, the sun was out, temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s…

on saturday i was slated for a 15 mile run. my goal was to run the whole thing at 8:45, and i’m so happy because i ran the whole thing at an average of 8:35. I had no idea i could do that! probably because i never tried. it was both hard and very doable at the same time. i underestimate my fitness constantly.

it was a beautiful run that i took with the running team, on a route i’ve never done along the Queens waterfront (we basically ran to Laguardia airport and back). and the whole time i felt so happy. i was able to stick with the 8:15-8:30 group the whole time, there were five of us, and i just felt so lucky. this is how i get to start my weekends. in the sun, running, with people that love running, that have their own goals, and the miles just kind of tumble by. the last mile was just one girl and myself, i was starting to feel tired, but mainly because my body knew i was almost done.

on sunday i was definitely sore but still got my 8 easy miles in at a 9:30 pace and an athletic conditioning class. yesterday was a very deserved rest day, complete with shopping for new clothes.

I can’t believe there are only three more long runs between now and marseille…

i’m sharpening my A, B and C goals. i am almost ready


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.37.20 AM.png



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