running high. literally.

this weekend i was in Denver visiting my best friend and her dogs. she moved there just over a year ago, and i’m still not used to the fact that she’s no longer my neighbor. we had the type of friendship where i’d stop by ‘just for a few minutes’ and we’d wind up spending 72 hours together…we would sometimes wake up and go for an impromptu bike ride that would turn into a 28 mile journey to the beach…or we’d watch an entire season of ‘america’s got talent’ and cry when our favorite contestants were voted off, sometimes we would make comedy videos and post them on youtube, waiting for Lorne Michaels to call. point is, we’re really close, and having her move away was a blow.

so running in high altitude, it’s for real! on saturday i had my last 20 mile run before the marseille marathon (20 days away!!!)…well i did it- 20 miler #3 in this training round- and at mile high altitude.

i felt pretty sluggish heading out- i couldn’t tell if it was from having been on a plane the night before, or the air there- but i didn’t feel fancy free. both my friend and her husband were not up for a run that day, so it was three hours on my own.

it’s nice running in different places. denver is beautiful. i would look up and see the rockies, which is ridiculous.

on sunday we drove to a park called sloane lake and did a five mile run…i felt really fresh, despite the 20 the day prior, and i ran the 5 in an effortless 8:25. (i had run the 20 slow at 9:25)

i’m still working out my race plan…I would love to run at an 8:50 pace, but it’s hard to know…i’m still learning so much about my abilities. I know I can do a grueling hilly half marathon in an 8:30, and i can do a flat 15 mile run in 8:25…i’ve been doing my tempo miles at 8:15’s and easy runs at 9:30. I guess i’m not good at planning. initially my goal was to break 4 hours, and that is still the ultimate goal. anything beyond that will just be icing on the cake.

20 days to go!

one more week at high mileage and then taper crazy time…



  1. Your slow is my fast haha!!! MASSIVE WELL DONE! I havent run a 20 miler yet but i keep freaking out evertime i see it on my plan (the next few weeks away)


    1. That’s so exciting! There’s something mentally so helpful about the 20 mile training run. I know that some training plans don’t exceed 16-18 miles, but I think it gives me mental armor to know I have 20 miles under my belt, and to know in my body what 20 miles feels like. There’s something super intimidating about the number- but if you break it down into four 5 mile runs (in your mind), then it’s not so scary! Good luck with your training! Can’t wait to read how it goes.

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