everything hurts, everything is scary, everything sucks, must be 12 days til the marathon…

someone please shut my brain up!

exhaustion. doubt. fear.

my head is not in a good place. my body is killing me- i feel like my muscles are on fire. and i keep getting these waves of anxiety. what happened to the confidence i felt two weeks ago?

as the marathon approaches, i need to get my head back in a positive place. i have put in a lot of hard work. and i just want to hit my goals so badly. it’s so hard when things are genuinely important to you!

I’m worrying about everything. about nutrition. about the extensive travel (TWO planes), about not having control over what i am eating the day before the race. I’m just an anxious wreck.

I had a pretty lousy long run this weekend (it was meant to be 15 and I only hit 12). It was freezing out and more than that my head and body just were not in the game.

I think i’m going to go to meditation tonight. i’ll try anything to slow this mind down.


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