credit union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler- a PR and too much time on a bus will make you question everything…

i haven’t updated in a while, mostly because work has been so insane that past few weeks..


in running news-

  • i’ve also decided to maybe run chicago again this fall and not defer my entry…i’m feeling like i can race a really strong race
  • I’ve decided to keep my mileage at 40 miles per week before I start training again in July (i’ll be training for the New York marathon)
  • i ran my fastest ever race yesterday
  • i’m going to run my first ultra in july (**more details on this to come)


i heard about the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler through my running team, and managed to get in via the lottery. My sister in law (at least, i think that’s what she is, my sister’s husbands sister..) she lives in DC and is a former BQ marathon runner. She was miraculously down to run the race as well (she hasn’t been running since her daughter was born three years ago).

I had mixed expectations going into this race. Having just completed the marathon two weeks ago, i figured i would either feel really sluggish, or, having been marathon training for the past 3 months (well, let’s be honest, for the past year…)

my last 10 mile race had been mid september, the bronx 10 miler. i ran it in 1:26, and I remember feeling really good about that. My goal for this race was to run 1:20.

I took the bus down on Saturday- FYI***if you have a race, probably don’t sit on a bus for five hours the day before…Saturday was spent super sedentary, and I woke up at 5:30am on Sunday with no real problems- apart from my stomach feeling awful FYI***don’t have weird eating habits that make you chew about 10 packs of gum per day…

This race was huge! There were, I believe 15,000 runners.


Me and Allison at the start- freezing…the weather turned out perfect for racing


More freezing. I was so happy I ran in the NBR singlet- I wound up seeing other team members on the course and it was awesome.

I will say this for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler…

Beautiful race course

Great pre race organization- tons of water and porta toilets for runners, easy number pick up

TERRIBLE corral management! While there were ‘waves’ they essentially fed us all through the start at the same time- this meant that almost the ENTIRE race was spent dodging slower runners. it was elbow to elbow along the whole course, and i spent a lot of the race running on the median in the middle of the road to pass people. This made for running absurd tangents.

i felt so strong while i was running. like i couldn’t get fast enough. the course was SO SO beautiful. hugging the waterfront and passing through tons of fully bloomed cherry blossoms…

the miles flew by, and every time i looked at my watch i was between 7:50-8:10, i felt pretty good about making my 1:20 goal.

finally, there were 400 meters to go, and i actually saw my brother and his family! it was so great.

I busted through the finish line at 1:21.

so. i should be happy. this is a nice PR, but i’m actually pretty disappointed. I know i could have pushed harder, and i know i could have run smarter and started in an earlier wave and not had to dodge a million people.

all in all it was a good day. i’m excited that i can effortlessly run ten miles at an 8:05 pace.

recently i feel like the faster i become, the easier it is for me to be disappointed in myself. there’s always another goal. and races seemingly are becoming more and more refined.

i’ve got a few weeks of steady running maintenance before the brooklyn half marathon. if i run a sub 1:45 i will definitely run chicago this year and go for a 3:35 marathon. if not, i’ll have to decide!




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