nice tumble fatso

i have not been doing a great job of writing- but it’s not for lack of running! i’ve been traveling quite a bit, and this month has really gotten away from me.

this weekend i was in san francisco visiting my (very pregnant) sister. it was so great having time with her- there’s a lot of states between California and New York, and i am very aware of the distance.

my sister doesn’t run, so i try not to let my training schedule impose on the day when i’m visiting. we hit soul cycle thursday afternoon, and Friday, she had a pregnant exercise class, so i seized the opportunity to get in a long run. My plan was do hit 16 miles, running through golden gate park and the beach.

the run started out great- i had forgotten my headphones, but more and more i like running without music, so i didn’t mind. it couldn’t have been more beautiful, i stopped a few times to take photos.





17949670_10212390650227187_1603471865_o.jpgat mile 8, i tripped over something and hit the ground. super hard. because i’m crazy i immediately stopped my garmin. and then i immediately realized i wouldn’t be running more that day. the pain was getting sharper and sharper. my knees, my hands, my shoulder. i would be lying if i said i wasn’t hysterical. i think i scared the crap out of some runner passing- who was kind enough to get me to a water fountain to wash off and called me a Lyft.

falling is weird- time slows down.

i literally was at a dr appointment last week and was told that i am a prime candidate for a stress fracture and to go to the dr immediately if anything hurt. in the back of the Lyft i was beside myself with hysteria. what if i couldn’t run for weeks? what if i broke something? what if what if what if.

after my sister cleaned me up and i lay down with ice packs, i knew i would be fine. the swelling went down after a few hours.

saturday morning i was able to do five easy miles without much discomfort.



i’ve got a short race this weekend, and a longer race in two weeks time. i can’t get injured!!!





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