some runs suck

i love being an endurance runner. runs change, and when you have enough miles strung together at once, you get to transition with the distance. sometimes it takes me 4 miles to warm up and feel like i can run forever. sometimes on a long run, i feel unstoppable, and start considering tackling more mileage, and suddenly at mile 12 my body is over it…i guess i like that no run is the same- and there’s always a little fight.

so this past weekend i was in san francisco visiting my sister. being away meant having to adjust my run schedule. and that meant slating my 18 mile run for monday night. after work. woof. who wants to do that!?

but i did it.

and. it sucked.



it sucked so bad, in every possible way. and immediately!

i will say, i’m proud of myself for having gotten through this run. i had every excuse to quit….i had been on a plane the day before and was still jet lagged…i had a bad fall on friday and my body is super bruised…it was late and i had just worked a 9 hour day…

but no excuses, right?

it was inspiring that monday was the boston marathon, and i reminded myself, you don’t get boston strong quitting.

it was inspiring that my friend ron, having just completed the paris marathon had gone on a 20 mile run that morning

it was inspiring that when my legs start to tire my mind can step in be the strength i need

initially, it had been my plan to do this run at marathon pace (roughly 8:35), but i knew during mile 1 that this was going to be a slow run. i just felt sluggish, and almost as if my body completely forgot how to run. it felt awkward. i did NOT feel like a runner.

the saving grace was the mind-blowing beautiful sunset which i had to stop and take photos of.



when i was finally done, at nearly 9pm, i felt sick.

but by 9:15, the pain was forgotten.

some runs just suck!



    1. hi! I love that you’ve just commented on all my recent posts! sounds like you’ve got some exciting things brewing! so in my recent/current training cycle i’ve been doing all my long runs at marathon pace. this was recommended to me by another running mentor, and to be honest, it really helped me in my last marathon. i think there’s something to be said for ‘time on your feet’ runs, but the confidence of going into a race, knowing i’ve tackled 15+ at MP already was a huge help mentally and otherwise. i’ve been working at taking easy runs super easy. Have you heard of Maffetone? his training process involves learning to run distance under a certain heart rate, which in theory has you over time develop the capacity to increase your speed without increasing heart rate/effort. it’s interesting. anyway! i’m experimenting!


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