slowly making my way to fast

i’m recovering my an injury to my ribs an it suuuuuuuucks.

i run so often that i forget that running requires breathing, because running feels like breathing itself. i don’t have to think about it- i do it.

this morning i went for a casual 6 at 6am, and it felt good. i was moving pretty slow, an average 9mm but i felt strong. i know i’ll come back from this, it’s just hard.

it’s hard to fill the hours that training filled.

i need to get a life?

I’ve been doing lots of core work and trying to keep up with 25 slow miles a week.

i’m talking like i’ve been out of the game for months, it’s been 11 days since i was training hard and fell. it feels like forever.

i am so excited to feel fast again. to push myself again. to get to new places.

i feel so lucky to know exactly what i love doing.



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