nice half marathon PR fatso

there’s never any time to write this blog anymore!

This past Saturday was the Airbnb Brooklyn Half marathon. I love this race. this was my second year running it, and it’s a good course.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.24.08 AM.png

here’s the truth. the truth is that i am still injured (fractured rib) and while i am healing, it’s absurdly slow! and here’s the other truth, while I did PR, (1:50:09), i’m not happy with my time. i ran this race at an 8:20m pace, which frustrates me, as that was my ‘easy run’ pace all winter. the truth is that I’m sick of not getting faster. and the truth is that i need to let my ribs heal properly and fully.


but i have to keep perspective- so here are some things I am happy about-

1- i am so grateful that i could run this race at all when three weeks ago i could barely move and thought i’d never run again

2- i got to run alongside teammates i’d never met, and it felt really good to be part of something

3- i PR’d without having to fight for it

4- i got to spend time with so many friends before and after the race

5- it made me realize a lot about how i want to train and race.

with #5 in mind…I don’t want to be tired or injured for any more races. it’s demoralizing. so i’ve decided that this fall, I will only run the new york marathon, not chicago as well, which i did last year.

i want to feel fresh for the NYM, and i’d like to save my entry to chicago for a BQ effort, which i’m not sure i’m ready for.

mostly i know i need to rest this injury for a few more weeks- i will be training my ass off this summer, with mileage peaking at 75 miles/week.

running is the ever changing beast. i need to stay present. and i need to be proud of my accomplishments, even when they come so much slower than i would like.






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