nice training plan fatso

between marathon training cycles, i can typically be found obsessively tweaking my training plans. that and you know, juice cleansing, and trying to stay busy til it’s time for more marathon training!

it’s funny because i am always so tired during training cycles, and always saying things like “when this training cycle is over, i’m really going to do x” and then, the marathon ends, and i get post-marathon blues and feel unhinged and out of sorts til it’s training time again!

i am not saying this is necessarily a healthy way to occupy your mind.

i just put together my training for the new york marathon this fall. i will be using Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning, 18 weeks, running 6x/week, averaging 70 mile weeks. weeeeeeeeeeee

i won’t begin this training cycle until the first week in july, so leading up to this, i’ll keep my running at 40 miles per week, and keep long runs once a week at 12-16 miles. i am also REALLY trying to recover from this stupid rib injury. that fall really set me back. in more than just running. i was so depressed when i couldn’t work out, and even more depressed when i could, but not to the same ability. it really put my head in a dark place.

anyway, the point of this post was not meant to be about how crazy i drive myself. it was meant to be about training plans!

training plans are definitely individual preference. i have a friend, whose a boston qualifier, and a great runner, and she only runs about 30 miles a week when she’s training. for me, i need to do all of my long runs, and i need to do them, at least a percentage of them, at marathon pace. mostly this is for mental strength.

i came across this site that has a really great overview and comparison of popular training plans and the type of runners that may find them useful-

(i can’t tell if this link is working, it may be a copy/paste situation)

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.52.56 AM.png

i’ve got a four day weekend which means lots of time for running, and perhaps obsessing over my training plan a bit more?



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