a 10k PR and some cool fatso stuff

i’ve had a pretty awesome week in running news. the rest of life, dunno.

this past saturday was the Queens 10k- I hadn’t run this distance in exactly a year- so i wasn’t sure what to expect. i know i’ve gotten much faster, but i so rarely run short races, that i don’t know where i am with pacing yet.

so my lose ‘race plan’ was to keep it under 8mm and hope for the best.

the race doesn’t get great reviews, but i like the Queens 10k. this was my second year running it, and both times have been great. the course is definitely not beautiful- you’re next to a highway for a large portion, but honestly, when i’m running a race, i really never take anything in…it’s not like i was site seeing during the paris marathon- i had enough to thing about.

i have to say- i felt really great during this whole race…i was hovering between 7:35-7:55 and never felt like i had to fight for pace. it was smooth sailing. i crossed the finish in 49:11, not quite the time i wanted, but i had so much fuel left in the tank after the race that i know i could have pushed harder. i’ve got a 5 mile race this saturday, so i’ll see what’s possible then.

i’m really enjoying this new faster pace. i’ve been (finally) doing a lot of speed workouts, and i think it’s helping. a lot of it is still mental. i need to trust that i can maintain a tougher pace. and i need to trust that i can be uncomfortable.

last night i ran with NBR. the tuesday night run kicks my ass, it’s the tempo night. the workout was straightforward- 15 minutes at marathon pace, 3 minute recovery jog, 15 minutes at marathon pace. well. this would have been really easy if i were running it at marathon pace, and not everyone else’s marathon pace (7:50mm). it was tough, but i was so happy. a year ago, i wouldn’t have thought sub 8’s were possible.

in other cool running news, i’m now a pace leader for the wednesday night run on nbr. this makes me feel pretty great. considering a year ago i was too intimidated to run with this team, it makes me feel as though i’ve come a long way.

and lastly- i’m now an ambassador for Run BK. what this means? i’m not totally sure-  but they sent me a hat in the mail that i look like a maniac in.

im in pre-training for the NY marathon, keeping mileage at 40 miles per week, which will soon ramp up considerably. i’m very excited to be back in a training cycle. running continues to be a practice in changing what i thought was possible.



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