Rainy PR’s…speedwork…and spreading the fitness love

I just finished a tempo run and my legs are toast. granted, i skipped my rest day yesterday to workout with a friend, so my body basically hates me.

this past saturday was the Front Runners Pride Run (5 miles) in central park. i had such a great morning- but i’d be lying to say i was happy with my time. it’s a PR, which is great, but pouring rain and humidity made for a less than perfect execution. anyway, i can find any reason to be mad at myself and not focus on the good…

my plan was to stick to 7:50’s and try to drop down in the last two miles. clearly, that did not happen:

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.34.46 AM.png

mile 3-4 was Cat Hill and it just about ended me- luckily people from NBR were cheering at the mile 4 mark, which gave me a much needed boost.


anyway- as soon as we crossed the finish line- the rain was gone, sun was out, and the humidity disappeared. of course.

i do have to say that it was a really great morning. i travelled to the race with some NBR people and the more immersed i am with this team, the better my overall racing experiences are. there is so much support, and meeting up with dozens of other people voluntarily leaving the house at 6am in torrential rain to run- it’s pretty damn swell.


after the race, i met up with my friend jen (who had also run) to take 55 selfies before agreeing on one.


official NYC marathon training will start next week! wahoooooooo i’m so grateful to be on a team this year that’s pushing me hard, and to be surrounded by such an awesome running community.

in other fitness news- i’ve somehow gotten my coworker to sign a contract for a ‘6 week Toni challenge’ which basically means i’m training her for 6 weeks and making a meal plan for her. i have NO idea why she’s trusting me with this- but i love it.

last night was our first workout together, we did an hour of HIIT and then went through moves she can do on her own. it was a really good experience. this is all new territory for her, so we kept it super simple. i’m excited for her to start to have results.

i also got a really sweet email from a former co-worker (now retired) who has taken up running and says i inspired him to get out there. it was a really great feeling to see that.

so back to these sore legs…this morning was a tempo run with NBR. mile repeats. woof. i almost skipped it when i came outside in my shorts and saw puddles of rain, but i’m very pleased to say i made it out. my goal was to keep it around 7:50

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.57.36 AM.png

i’m happy with this workout. and i’m mostly happy that i am dedicating two days a week to speed vs miles. i’m really excited to see what this training cycle has in store for me. it’s going to be a tough one with 70 mile weeks and a lot of track work.

i’m so ready


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